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. if they can continue through the maryland county, then with we would run through the pe riff corrals of -- prif corrals -- periphals of the county. it's 5:36. it's hard to admit, but 8-1, sweeney, took the [ inaudible ]]. they took four of the series home, and half of them in baltimore. details on that next. >>> and animals are having problems with the heavy rains in iowa. >>> we are going to move it to justin for your forecast. >> we have some 50s outside of the beltway, but we are going to make a run for the heat wave. >>> let's go to mta. thank you, justin. we have a few bus delays out there. we have the 120 commuter bus 15 minutes late. 64 of the [ inaudible ] buses, hanover and [ inaudible] ]. for the [ inaudible ] transit team, i am curt lockkey. >> any of you heading out to the beach, we have the forecast for you. right now, 65. partly cloudy skies, and even by the own waterways and we are looking west there, we have guaranteed highs this afternoon, and we should this all the way through to the sun set time. 5:41, let's check in with kim and traffic. >> >> we have no major
you maryland's most powerful radar and the biggest problem is crossing over into delaware as of now. we still have a couple lingering showers around the chestertown area, churchhill, and all of this is sliding off to the north and east. things are going to look up. we have a temperature now into annapolis coming in at 73 degrees and by this afternoon, i'm forecasting a high around 87 degrees with showers and thunderstorms and back into the picture. okay, let's talk about the traffic now. good morning, kim. >> good morning. for everyone getting that early start, headed towards the dc metro area. 95 is looking good. if you are traveling to montgomery county, no problems on route 29, headed towards 495. as we look at our area around the baltimore metro, that's frederick road. traffic flowing freely. traffic doing okay around the area. no other issues on any other big roadways. here it is on the northwest side, moving at a very nice pace. 795 looking good as well. as we look at the maps, really just one incident at this time. that's going to be out in mount arie. route 144 closed in bo
. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> thank you so much for joining us on this thursday morning. it's the 29th of july. >> let's find out about our weather. >> at 5:30, we are going to take a look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. showers to our north, have a couple sprinkles hitting around the york, pa area. in fact, we could put this one into motion and you'll notice there has been some lightning strikes. altoona getting hit. this band of showers is falling apart to our north. we could get a sprinkle on the north side this morning. we are looking around lunchtime to get our shot. 80 degrees this morning, feeling like 86. follow the wakeup window. showers and storms likely around lunchtime. it's 5:30, let's go to the roads, here is kim brown. >> a disabled vehicle, 95 southbound right as you approach the toll plaza, traffic is able to get around it really without too many issues. we are still working an accident on windsor mill road and jeffrey road. as we look around the cameras, nice steady stream of volume as you head towards 95 on the west side of the be
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> it's 5:30, the pentagon is looking into who leaked military documents to the internet and then made its way to you. >> there was a water fountain in the marriott waterfront, but not on purpose. >>> and a new way to board a plane. what they are doing in houston today and whether you will like it. wait until you hear this. good morning maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. a beautiful night last night. >> everybody was outside. >> i know, walking around, sitting outside. that includes justin burke. did you do anything outside last night? >> just sitting there and breathing in that fresh air. it was so nice. as we had a drop in the humidity, that allowed the clear sky overnight. to bring our temperatures back into the 60s this morning. this afternoon, we'll get close to 90. we can't avoid having those days here in baltimore. this weekend's outlook, it's going to turn even cooler and much more pleasant. we may have turned a corner here. i think we have seen the peek of the heat and now the slow slide in the end of summer. 60
got ourselves more heat and more humidity and a few more showers popping up right now. maryland's most powerful doppler and we're highlighting north sections of gaithersburg where they have a shower pushing through it may find its way into the border of southern carroll and north howard county along the i-70 stretch. we'll track that for you. and some clouds being thrown out ahead of those showers. and more back into the mountains. 77 right now that is the temperature in baltimore, 57 easton. it feels like the low zeros with the heat index and we're going through 93 and more big storms pop up this afternoon and this evening. 6:31 and to the roads with kim. >>> we're quiet so far. and no accidents to let you know about. that is always good news. that is the best thing that you want to hear as you head out the door. you see traffic flowing freeley march every where this is the inner an outer are loop no problems i-70. a little more building volume there. and we which can our maps and drive times this morning, no problems on 95 either. we're still dealing with a malfunctioning traffic lig
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> john caughter's funeral is today. that is strange to say. anyone who bounces a basketball knows his name, but now for the wrong reason. >> finally, there is hope of containing this gusher for the first time since that rig exploded back in april. >> when it poured last night and early this morning, did you think of all the volunteers? we will see how the extreme home makeover is going. >> i didn't go outside the grocery store, i can't imagine doing all that volunteer work. >> we'll get it done. they always do. >> they always do. you have seen them under crazy conditions, so -- >> this is crazy. >> all right, meteorologist, justin burke is off and louisiana lanette is in. >> most of it is all over the eastern shore. i'm going to show it to you in a second. we are still unsettled. the showers and thunderstorms are still out there. we will have a break as we go throughout the day. it is very humid. we have seasonal temperatures, and we will still see a few storms possibly as we go into wednesday. it's going to be hotter and some dryer w
is in town to pitch health care. we're live with more on her visit today. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. it's going to be very exciting tonight at the yard. >> a good time. >>> meteorologist justin berk with your weather this afternoon, today, tomorrow, whatever. >> we'll go back to last night first. 8:45 p.m., big storm through through chestertown on the eastern shore, reports of trees down on cars and other reports of damage. if you have pictures please send them to morningshow@wmar.com. we would like to share them with the viewers. early reports, an indication there was not a tornado. however the national weather service will investigate the damage. most likely just microbursts of winds pushed down from the storm as it blew through into the area. turning hotter, that is the major headline as we go to the end of the week and into the weekend, once again it's low 90s, we're dealing with now but aiming for upper 90s to near 100 by the weekend. yeah, we've done that too many times already this summer. clouds
anniversary celebration. >>> every single wednesday, good morning maryland, we're going to put three video resumes on the air. if you want yours on the air, send an e-mail to bestresumes@wmar.com with a microsoft word attachment. we'll have you tape a 20-second video pitch and we'll put it on the air as well as our website. >>> some ravens players spent the past few days giving back to the community. how the boys and girls of our community benefitted from their visit. >>> get inside. >> look at this. we'll show you a tornado that treated a home like it was made out of tooth picks. >>> first, let's head to justin berk with our weather. >> we had our own wind problems yesterday. mostly wind, no confirmed tornados in maryland. at 72 degrees, mostly clear skies, the sunlight already showing itself over the eastern sky. another hot day, less humid, more on that in a little bit. 5:34. let's go to the mta and check with mark jones. >> the commute looks good on the rail service. marc train system looking good for travel on the camden, penn and brunswick lines. on the buses, diverted at argon and h
from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >>> now, good morning maryland. >> 6:39. trying to hit this one out of the park. a full home run of sorts for weather. great day today. we've got sunshine starting at 62 degrees. some 50s outside the beltway. we are going for a high near 80 this afternoon. you can follow that in the wakeup window and see great weather continuing. more on that coming up in a pinch. right now, here is kim brown with traffic. >> we have the continuation of that home run for traffic as well. we don't have any accidents, just a little bit of slowing and that's going to slow until security. still looking good around 695. a little bit of building volume on the northwest side as well. we'll have a complete report. megan and jamie, back to you. >> a big announcement for the candidate for governor. >> and he may be using facebook. >> i'm linda so, we'll tell you all about mary kane. >> also ahead, a youth football team in cockeysville want to know who took all their equipment. >>> plus, the four legged victims of the gulf oil leak and how you can help them thi
his pick last night. kane shares his mission of bringing more jobs to maryland and lowering taxes. a key battleground in the race for governor. in a video tape message -- first year in office, she says she is looking forward to getting out there and meeting people like you. >> i love meeting people. when i was secretary of state, i got to meet people from all over maryland, from all different cultures and from all different backgrounds and religions. how are all the highlights? finding out what they need and coming back to state government and seeing how we can make that work. >> now o'malley's campaign released a statement. tom russell says quote, this election will ultimately be about which candidate puts the interest of maryland's working families ahead of special interest and who is on the side of working families. ehrlich will appear this morning with kane at 10:30 in silver spring, then the two will head to baltimore and will visit a charter school. linda so, abc2 news. >> for the latest developments in the race for governor, log on -- click on news and political. >>> sta
morning maryland. >>> all right, 6:40. we have cloudy skies and is muggy at 78 degrees. winds beginning to push out of the southwest. currently measured at calm. there's a frontal boundary to our north that will spawn showers around lunchtime. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> this morning's early part of the rush hour is off to a good start. i'll let you know where and how it will affect you in addition to your travel times in just a few minutes. megan and jamie, back to you. >> it's news to go time. coming up next, it was supposed to be a routine neighborhood cop walk. >> took a whole new meaning. >> emotions ran high as they took to the streets where a hopkins researcher was stabbed to death. why some say he should have never been murdered and why they are blaming the city's top prosecutor. >> plus the latest on a baby that was tossed out a window and survived. her mother's reaction at the hospital. >>> and a story that warns you to be careful if you try to meet your internet friends in person. >> plus, baltimore is num
, maryland." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm peggen pringle and it is friday. there was a cooldown yesterday. you were talking about yesterday, now this, i can deal with. i thought, i can't. >> i don't remember that. [ laughter ] >>> meteorologist, justin berk here. >> was i talking weather? >> yes. >> high 90s definitely that string of hot weather will start to taper off. we'll do so more so over the next couple of days. one thing you will notice is we are starting to talk about some rain and we desperately need rain as drought conditions and building all that heat. no storms will do that for new july. a coastal storm movessenland, makes it more humid today and developing showers and thunderstorms becoming more widespread over the next couple of days. one thing i want to point out to you right now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have noticed showers in northern and sections of carroll county. we have a band pushing around the bay near aberdeen. it's possible we could have sprinkles around the bay this morning. really, the storms we expect to develop will be this afternoon and becomi
with traffic. >> justin, in baltimore city, fire crews are on the scene at west 25th street and maryland avenue. also police activity at washington boulevard. all of the big roadways are looking good. no crashes at this time. we have building volume. we'll check the travel times in just a few minutes. >>> a little fun on a roller coaster in ocean city turned into an unexpected trip for three people. linda, what happened? >> reporter: megan, police say the three who were hurt were all kids between the ages of 10 and 15. they were riding the tidal wave roller coaster when it malfunctioned. the children were take ton area hospitals for treatment. police say about 15 people were on the looping roller coaster when it malfunctioned. the park stayed open but the area around the ride was temporarily evacuated as inspectors tried to figure out what caused the accident. the ride did not reopen last night. no word on whether it will remain closed throughout the weekend. linda so, abc 2 news. >>> and the baltimore city police department is looking for a few good men and women. mayor stephanie rawlings-bl
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> bp is conducting a test right now on its ruptured well and we don't know if it will pass for 48 hours. >> the place that makes your titanium golf clubs on fire and look at this video. we have the latest. >> abcers are feeling the pressure. they are working harder than ever. the push to the finish on fleetwood. see that orange truck right there? >> uh-huh. >> a forklift is being run by a guy i went to high school with. >> the volunteers are sort of an untold part of the story. sherrie johnson is there live and they have to go to their day job. it's incredible what people are willing to give to make this happen. >> we only work a mile from where we grew up. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. >> mike is in for justin burke. good morning there, michael. >> mild conditions out there and that's going to be our launching pad later today for the 90s. let's go to our weather net sites. temperatures into the 70s. normally this time of the year should be into the middle 60s. so that's the launching pad for the 90
about whether the chairman of the republican party and former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele can effectively lead the gop. several top republicans condemn the remarks that afghanistan "was a war of obama's choosing." here's abc2 news's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: michael steele is trying to save his job but his own party members are talking. >> dismayed, angry, upset. >> i think the statements are wildly inaccurate. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: at a connecticut fundraiser steele spoke against the republican position on the war in afghanistan. >> this is a war of obama's choosing. this is not -- a war that - >> reporter: it's not his first mistake. he was quoted as saying abortion is a woman as individual choice while the party takes a pro-life position and also had to explain entertainment expenses of young republicans at a topless bar then there was the ins sult of the republican icon rush limbaugh. >> yes, it's ugly. >> reporter: republicans have had enough. >> mr. steele is going to have to assess as to whether he can still lead the republican party. >> reporte
with the temperature gun, there. but frederick maryland was so hot, up there was needles, california for the hottest town in the nation. it'll still be a scorcher, another hot day. keep that bottled water handy and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. reporting live in rogers forge. >> she never sweats, you ever notice that? she never sweats. >>> find help beating the heat with our hot weather guide, go to abc2news.com and check under the weather section. the guide includes the latest forecast and tips to keep you cool and healthy as temperatures continue to rise. >>> topping our look at news around the nation, arizona versus the united states. arizona's tough new immigration law is being challenged in court by the obama administration. unauthorized visitors or citizens. supporters say the government is to blame for neglecting problems. >> 4-year-old alyssa mayor has been found safe near st. louis, but investigators want to know where the kidnapper is that took her. the young girl was taken from her front yard monday night. her brother said a man in a black car took her. >>> we ha
against a maryland soldier who may risk national security. >>> if you took the northeast temperature last night, didn't go below 80, unless the sun comes up today, there it goes up again. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it hurt to touch my steering wheel yesterday, the car was so hot. >> once it gets below 32 in the winter, i don't care, just like this in the summer. >> i totally agree with you, jamie. it hurt my hands too. i was driving like this, it wasn't good at all. like this, you see? like that? yeah, we'll be dealing with another heat wave, it'll continue. instead of the code red we had yesterday. today we have a code orange, that's sensitive for unhealthy groups. if you have asthma, lung disease, maybe heart disease, you need to limit your exposure to outdoors. along with the code orange, we have a heat advisory for today. we're definitely going to be feeling that humidity. today is going to be the last day of the triple digits, that's definitely good news. those are the changes that'll be coming into the forecast. temperatures right now coming in
out about our weather today, here's justin. >> good morning, 5:38. maryland's most powerful doppler radar showing us sweeps across the peek. not much action close to home. we still have at least the heat hanging across the area. some showers tried to push through just after midnight. right now, 75 degrees. even though we're talking about the drop in humidity, it still feels like 78 out there. it's an improvement from where we were. it's going to be hot and uncomfortable. 94 our two-degree guarantee this afternoon. mostly sunny sky. temperatures staying near 90 through this evening. the thing is though, we'll climb higher over the next couple days. we'll talk about the weekend outlook in just a moment. 5:39, let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> not much happening this morning. we have one crash, still minor accident in howard county we're working. jessup as we look right now at our maps. 95 northbound at route 175, off to the shoulder. police are over there as well. northbound 95, between 100 and 395. that's still only a nine-minute trip. nine minutes between i-
're parched. the heat continues all week. maryland's most powerful doppler radar shows sprinkles up towson and 83, get north of westminster to pennsylvania, that is where the real rain is falling the last couple of hours. had storms overnight towards glen burnie pushing wind gusts over 45 miles per hour. so some of the storms could get nasty as they fire up their strength and we're already acting on some energy and heat of 75 in baltimore and york. 7 eastern shore in easton. ocean city starts at 80 with heat index values already pushing low 80s in easton. 79 what it feels like in baltimore. a humid day, 92 with more storms this afternoon. take that umbrella. we're going to fire up the skies and we'll talk about that in a bit. >>> 5:41. here's kim brown to paulk about -- talk about the roads. >> we have a couple of incidents still from the overnight on some of the side streets in baltimore city. and anne arundel county. as we look at the maps you'll see down tree still blocking the intersection at route 214 and 424 in davidsonville, maryland. the westbound lanes continue to be blocked. traf
. let's check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. not much going locally, we'll take you to northwest baltimore county, reisterstown, nima headquarters, you can see the hazy skies. 72 feels like a muggy 77 this morning. not like yesterday morning. you're going to need the ac perhaps, driving into work. 91, that's our two-degree guarantee, isolated storm popping up. we'll talk about the weekend outlook in just a bit. >> we still have a road closure in west baltimore, north avenue closed this morning at braddish avenue because of a structure fire, you're going to see police on the scene encouraging drivers to use baker street as a detour. we'll be heavy on the southwest side at wilkins, we had an earlier vehicle fire off to the right shoulder. i believe it'd been cleared, this is pretty much volume delays as you approach 95 on the outer loop. stay with us, we have more travel times in a few minutes, megan and jamie, back to you. >>> a hopkins student is murdered just away from his home. here's abc2 news linda sow with one man dead and how his murder could affect the electio
of the 2008 maryland medivac crash in which air traffic controllers provided outdated weather information. the attorney for jordan wells says faa officials sent a letter last month and asked that wells had asked them to pay for. national transportation safety board members concluded last year that the crash that killed four people was caused by a combination of factors, including the outdated weather information. >> it felt like something hit that wall. this wall started to vibrate. everything here went boom. >> a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hits california yesterday, there have been dozens of aftershocks. employees at one tv station running for cover as their building shook. live newsstands wobbled back and forth. no reports of anybody being injured or major damage in socal. >>> we had an earthquake rocking alaska. a magnitude 5 quake was centered 50 miles northwest of anchorage. no reports of damage there. >>> the death of cockeysville native yeardley love has officially been ruled a murder. the state medical examiners office says love was killed by blunt force injury to her head. the 22-y
this afternoon for isolated showers or thunderstorms. >>> steve, we have much more good morning maryland when we come back. it's 5:52 in the morning. >> mor-ning? i'm your genie. you're wishing for a deliciously, nutritious fiber cereal. i am. well, you don't want that one. new kellogg's < ?! the ue]is uast] b]r]s plus yogurty clusters, plus 40% of your daily fiber... plus wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes. [ female announcer ] new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. positively delicious. >> an earthquake that hit maryland. a lot of people were waking up without the alarm. confirmed by the u.s. geological survey, there is an earth quake. some of my family, calling in and e-mail, they felt it all the way up to howard county as well. we are going to get a lot of reports this morning. the initial report came from the u.s. geological survey, and it's really just academic at this point. there was a confirmed earthquake and the mag tuesday -- magnitude has occurred and -- the magnitude has occurred and it has been measured at 3.7. i would like to say thank you to ralph in westminister. >> we
pleasant backup friday, saturday, and sunday. maryland's most powerful radar, we are currently dry. a quiet weather pattern dropped us to 67 here in baltimore. 64 in easten, and a look up to our north, yorkpa at 59. i didn't think i would ever see that number again. wow. looking at temperatures up near 90 this afternoon for our 2- degree guarantee. we should stay dry. it's 6:30, let's see what is happening on the roads. >> we are fairly quiet traffic wise as you head out towards those big interstate, 695, 95, vw parkway, all checking in without any problems. as we look at our cameras, traffic moving very nicely. starting to build in some spots. that's the outer loop. still moving just a little bit sluggish, but you aren't going to encounter too many issues. same thing, usual amount of minor delays as you approach i- 70. looking good as you head towards the 83. as we peek right now at our maps, we are working one crash this morning on route 50 eastbound, getting on that ramp. also on richy highway and moore road, that's down in arnold. the right lane and shoulder are blocked in both directi
75 degrees. we've got a cold front to the west and ganging up here in maryland. just follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. we'll have a quick peek at the forecast in a moment. right now, here's kim brown. >> hopefully this morning as you make your way through park heights, cold spring lane will look better. as the rush hour move as long, can you expect delays in that area. traffic is okay around the big roadways. this is 695 at hear road. outer loop and inner loop traffic is picking up. no issues in between the beltways, no problems as you head towards the tunnels, either. as we look at the maps and drive times, we're going to find only one crash working in the area right now as you make your way southbound on 95, three minutes down towards the 895 split. across the key bridge on the outer loop, it will take you nine minutes to make it to 97. one accident that will be westbound span of the bay bridge. coming across the eastern shore, this could affect you. traffic gets by without any major problems to the right. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> many of the
ourselves some of those showers moving through now and more possible this afternoon. let's look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you can see these things are trying to keep themselves going from northeastern sections of carroll county. so looks like from westminster, manchester, new freedom, glen rock, this 83 stretch for the friends from york, through shrewsbury. they will have a little wet ride. then the chance of showers and storms will continue for the rest of us this afternoon. 76 carney and glen burnie. 78 in chestertown. our 2-degree guaranteed high of 92 this afternoon. 6:30. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> luckily despite all the rain on 83 we're not having reports of problems on the the harrisburg expressway. as we look at the local area in the baltimore metro, traffic looking good along the beltway, just some building volume on both loops at harford road but no problems. minor delays now. drive times and maps show about a seven-minute ride from the outer loop, from 795 to 70. no problems on 95, three minutes from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. harbor tunnel
have died from the heat in maryland. that brings the total up to eight. in may, a man from anne arundel county died from hypothermia after working outdoors and just this week, an adult in baltimore was found dead inside his home with no ac, temperatures over 90 degrees. >>> 6:46. pools around the city will remain open again late today as the city deals with another day of scorching hot temperatures. yesterday we had a mechanical problem at the patterson park pool. that led to difficulties with the chlorine levels. the pool had to be shut down for about three hours right in the middle of the afternoon when the temperature was above 100 degrees. >> you can only run the sprinklers so many times. >> swimmers were finally let back into the pool around 6:00 last night. as for the pools in the studio today, they'll be open until 7:00. reopened until 9:00 at some point. >>> state officials will investigate a nursing home in baltimore city where the air conditioning broke. elderly residents had to deal with stifling temperatures for several days. 150 residents from the raven wood nursing and reh
maryland." jamie is on the go this morning. we'll check in with him later. in the meantime, let's check in with meteorologist justin burke. >> 6:29. we're taking a look at the headlines here. we had ourselves an 11-day stretch of 90 degree temperatures. it was 81 yesterday. low 80s today. we start building things back up close to 90 tomorrow and 90s on the 4th of july. ok, if that's not hot enough, we crank up the humidity and more heat next week will be between 97 and maybe a few more runs at 100. another heat wave about to build. yesterday, 81 in baltimore. 76 in york. a pleasant day today. we'll talk about the heat wave coming up. here's kim. >> thanks, justin. we have a couple of incidents we're working downtown this morning including an on-going police investigation. baltimore street closed between calvert and south street. because of an overnight shooting down in that area. expect to see some minor delays there as well. also, some fire activity reported cathedral street between tyson and chase has that intersection closed. as we take a peek at our cameras, traffic looking
as you make your way out the door this morning. stay with us, we have more good morning maryland coming right back after thirty -- back after this. mousse temptations by jell-o. a rich and airy treat. ♪ because after you've washed the bills... and paid all the dishes... it's finally me o'clock. enjoy it with mousse temptations. three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. >>> here are top stories we're working on this morning. an american is among the 64 people killed in two bombings in uganda. they happened in locations at the capital as people watched the final of the world cup. several other americans were wounded. >>> spain is celebrating its first world cup title after beating the netherlands. 1-0. madrid erupted in jubilatfkion. . >>> if you snowstorm notice gasoline prices falling over the past two weeks, you aren't alone. the average price for a gallon of regular dipped almost four cents at $2.73. mid-grade was going about $2.87. the cheapest gas was $2.43 a gallon in jackson, mississippi. >>> all new this morning: a wildfire has caused dozens of peop
storm bonnie which could reach the siteful oil spill as early as tomorrow. >>> "good morning, maryland." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. it's friday. >>> occasionally we give special shout outs to some of our viewers. a special view their morning, my mom. >> she's watching. >> yes. she'd better be. she said she was getting up early. thanks for joining us. >> and here's your favorite son, justin berk. >> my brother might have to say something about that. >> seriously. don't put me in that fight. >>> we have headline and none are good. it's about the heat. the heat advisory kicks in in baltimore. most of central maryland at noon goes through 9:00. dangerous heat will continue to build through the weekend where it will feel like 100 or hotter. we may get that hot on the actual thermometer. tropical storm bonnie officially named last night and heading into florida today in the gulf oil spill region with its sites on new orleans by the end of the weekend. 91 on the beach at ocean city. they are at 77 now. follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the sc
maryland's special police officers with authority on all ccbc campuses. the officers can arrest, use force no protect themselves and others. it's all in an effort to protect the campus. ccbc plans to make sure that all officers attend the academy by june 2011 to ensure a safe, college community. >> reporter: while the academy can be dualing, officers say it's necessary. >> i want to know my back-up will be there and be able to assist me in whatever situation comes around. because we are a cam knaus is open to the public, anything can happen on this campus. and you need to be prepared for that. >> and that type of preparation could save lives. in dundalk, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the curriculum the officers experienced in the academy is unique and not offered anywhere else in the state. ccbc plans to offer academy training to others outside the college. >>> coming up next: we had rough weather passing through our area yesterday. >> we're still left with power outages, property damage and one reported death. >>> plus: the search continues for two sailors missing in afghanistan. cgl of
is relief. the weather is definitely relative. as we check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar, things are not looking too bad, if you like the dry weather. if you don't like the dry weather we're not going to see it any time soon but we're going to need rain. glen burnie 72 degrees now. and we're just going to get hotter from there. hot, hot. that's scary, that red means it's really going to be hot outside. 95 degrees by lunchtime. afternoon 100. check out the evening, that really gets me, we're only going to cool down two degrees. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> fortunately traffic looking a lot better than the weather this morning. because of the holiday. not a lot of people on the roadways. don't expect to see a regular rush hour. traffic is lighter than normal as we peek around the area now. traffic moving really well, hardly anybody out there. this is 82 just north of the beltway -- 83, moving nicely from mount carmel road to the beltway. beltway, northwest side at old court road, flowing freely on both loops. no problems across 50 headed to the tolls and making y
by the university they monitor the earthquake. this morning it was over a 3 and in gatorsburg and maryland, we felt the rumble. it was in baltimore, howard got our first report from ralph. i am greatful that we have the qualified weather observers in the area. here is the deal. we have a 3.6 magnitude earthquake as far as work pennsylvania. this is one of the earthquake maps. this is like the geological survey. you have been awaken by the shaken. you are going to be shaking off the sweat this afternoon. 6:36, can kim brown with traffic. >> i just got off of the phone with my mom, and she wanted me to tell you it is your welcome back present we all know how you like weather and those types of events. you are going to see several closures on the southbound to jfx the ramp will be closed until sunday evening at 10:30 at night. if you are traveling towards the dc area, there are no problems. no problems on 29 heading towards montgomery either. harrisburg is looking good. jfx is looking good. that's going to be a four minute trip. megan and jamie back to you. amanda from [ inaudible] ] was concerned be
for nothing. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. mike masco is doing the weather for us today. >> it was wet out there for the overnight. we had rain anywhere from an inch to two inches of rain in our area. those rainfall rates overnight closed out whiteout conditions on the roadways. usually we talk about them in the winter, this time around, we're talking heavy rain. 72 downtown, roland park elementary. 72 thus far. look at rain, about an inch of rain in the bucket for that region. temperatures out there are muggy. 74 from bel air to annapolis. 73 degrees. elsewhere, temperatures into the mountains to upper 60s to 73 degrees. we'll see sunshine breaking out later today. allowing temperatures to boost into the upper 80s and 90s. kim brown, take us to work. >> we were rocking and rolling pretty much in the earlier part of the commute. things have calmed down a little bit. minor delays around the area. the roads are very wet. possibly see standing water, ponding in places. as we take a peek at the beltway,
the north and west. let's go to maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we are watching a few scattered showers developing to the west. this is what we have from the overnight, one to two inches of rain, the heaviest of the rain was confined around baltimore city. towson. perry hall. an inch to two inches of rain from that cell that moved through the area. keep an eye to the west, see scattered showers and storms developing once again. this area is poised to move right into downtown. so it looks like towards your latter half of your morning commute, maybe a thunderstorm out there. wake-up temperatures into the 70s, launching into the upper 80s. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up, guys over to you. >> 5:32. day 84. it's kind of like day 64, 44 or 24. >> it still looks the same. still leaking, you'd think into this story right? no what about the cap? was it supposed to work? abc2 news emily schmitt has the latest into the gulf. >> reporter: 85 days after the oil spill, officials hope this is the day they contain the oil. >> they're trying. it was a big mistake there, but they're
news, weather and traffic when "good morning maryland" gomes back after this [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virgin maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. tttxx<ó<ó?'>> there were lots of bumps and bruises on a you'll inside the air license flight heading from new york to los angeles. it had to make an emergency landing in denver when it hit severe turbulence over kansas. 21 people were injured and one critically. >> i saw two people hit the ceiling. a saw one lady hit the ceiling and slam back down. i had my seat belt on. a couple oxygen masks popped down debris flying and it was all over in about two or three seconds. passengers hurt were taken to five different hospitals with injuries to their heads, necks and back. >>> when you have a big, tall old tree next to your house, y
hendren, abc news, washington. >>> "good morning, maryland" news time now is 5:35. we have a crime crackdown now after two shootings in as many days. the harford county sheriff's office says edgewood can expect to see increased patrols. >> we want the good citizens of that community to know that we're going to have a concentrated presence in that community. >> earlier this week, a man gunned down a hagerstown man. wednesday night, a joppa man suffered a gunshot wound right to the chest. >>> we now know the name of the 23-year-old man who drowned in the loch raven reservoir. he was fishing when he went into the water and quickly got into trouble. his friends were not able to reach him. it is illegal to swim in all of the reservoirs. >>> yesterday's storms are blamed for bringing down power lines, trees, shutting down rail service in some places. more than 40 passengers were stuck for about three hours aboard this metro train right near silver spring. the marc's brunswick line was stopped also because of the power lines laying right there on the track. >>> fast-moving trains forced
maryland. >> 6:39. it's a mild morning out there. look at these temperatures, into the 70s. we are all over the place from fredericks downtown, 72 degrees. 88 by noontime, it's a humid day. we will max out to 93 in the temperature department. let's get a check on the commute and for that, we'll go over to kim brown. >> thanks, mike, good morning. along the big roadways, you see traffic moving very well at katon avenue. we are getting reports of an injury report. i'll let you know how it will affect you as you head out the door. >> we are 20 minutes away from 7:00. another senseless crime in baltimore city. >> the victim is so much more than specific. >> a young woman shot in the head and left to die in her car. i'm linda so. the message her mom wants everyone to hear. >> also ahead this morning, they were inside working when a car came roaring into the parking lot and it didn't stop. look at that video. >> they may have a worse record, but the ballpark is still a pretty place to come. we'll tell you where it ranks. >> parents, if you want major points with your kids today, well,
it will not be broken until thursday. we have maryland's most powerful radar now. we need some rain in here, so hopefully that will hold up as we are going in to thursday and over the weekend. we don't have the winds, the winds are light at west to northwest, and if we had the winds we could get rid of the stagnant air here. it would be much better. >>> we have a shortened work week, yay, but the first day after, the heat, boo. we have the northwest corner here, no problems on southbound on i-95. it's looking good on the outer loop. now, if you flip around one last time, it's not to bad. we do have several incidences around baltimore county, and i will be back to you with more. >> phoenix and death valley, you know it is hot. we are in the mix of a heat wave. we have the worst heat wave of what we have seen in decades. >> it could be the worst in decades. >> brutal. >> baking temperatures topping 100 degrees in new york, new jersey, philadelphia, and washington d.c. >> it's hot. i have to wear a hat and put sunscreen on every two hours. >> it's a scotcher. >> hotter and hot oar. >>
been on the job for 55 years. he is the longest serving police officer in any maryland's agency. he is a cop's cop. he is one of the finest. he wanted to be a police officer since he was 6 years old. the reason he isn't retired, he says he rees not tired of being a cop. we came in at 100 degrees. the record high was 102. we missed it by 2 degrees.lb%; for today, we have a code red elevated air pollution levels, and you need to limit your exposures to the outdoor activities. heat advisories, yes, you can see it here in the red, and we have the excessive heat, and the forecast, you can see what is going on. staying dry today and tomorrow. thursday, we will have a little bit of a break here. we will have a little bit of relief here with a cold front moving through. 101 for today, hot and humid. temperatures they will continue through today and tomorrow. check it out. it's crazy. thursday, we like to see the cooler temperatures and those cooler temperatures will continue as we move through the weekend. >>> check on your traffic, kim? >> >> thank you. looking at the beltway, looking good
.com to keep you updated on the latest information. also stay with us here at "good morning maryland." facebook and twitter of course. if you know anyone that is actually in the backup you should tell them, especially if they are on the outer loop to hop off, maybe at i-70, liberty road. inner loop, tell them to avoid it altogether. we don't know when they are going to reopen this. we've been watching this all morning. medevac still in the inner loop lanes of the beltway. traffic is going to be a headache. weather will be hot today so says justin berk. what is the latest? >>> at least we got hazy sunshine or clouds spilling overhead to cut down on sun glare. check this out, satellite and radar highlighting showers and storms pushing into garrett county. that may add to morning clouds even though i think the sun is going to break out over the next-hour to hour. the issue is going to be more storms firing up this afternoon. if you stick around, i'll show you a great time lapse camera from yesterday's storms that ended with a rainbow. parkville. we'll talk about the stuff brewing in the tropics. 6
search for this crash. stay with us, we have more good morning maryland coming up after this. [g this is the back to school list. the cost always makes m freak. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive... that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive... that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. >>> big news around the nation this morning: in california crews are battling a wildfire that has destroyed as many as 40 homes and is threatening about 150 more. the fast-moving flames have scorched more than 500 acres in a town about 70 miles north of l.a. 200 firefighters on the ground and in the air are attacking the fire hoping to keep it from spreading. but it's tough because of the rapidly changing winds. >>> listen to this, explosions rocked downtown chicago but in this case, it was all on purpose. the
stores, including three in maryland. the company said cutting out the stores will help make it more profitable. liz claiborne will offer brands for other retailers in the meantime. >>> big concern overtime uss comfort. the navy is considering moving the ship to norfolk when its agreement expires in three years. congressman and senators in washington are trying to block the move saying it will cost local jobs. >>> abc2 news is working for you this morning to keep you safe before you swipe that debit card. listen up. carroll county authorities are searching this morning for a man they say stole about $1500 using what's called a skimming device. criminals attach the technology to an atm machine and can capture the card and pin number swiped at that site. security cameras captured pictures of this suspect and his car. the best way to protect yourself is to take a good look at the atm before you use it. >> residents need to be aware as they approach atm and bank machines for a nocturnal device or components of the atm that appear to be attached secondary or after the construction of the
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